Littlefield Kid Memories

Memories of Grandma from the funeral–

Bethany: one time when she was little, she was left at home with grandma while the rest of us went to a movie. Grandma played store with her and took care of her. She was always willing to do what helps us be happy.

Cameron: He said he was always excited- and the rest of us were too!- when grandma would come to visit. She would always give us the best hug and our own package of orange tic tacs.

Brayden: Spending time with grandma was always special. He remembers as a little kid being able to sit and do jigsaw puzzles on the computer with grandma. She would always let us help and put lots of pieces in!

Kailee: growing up, we used to make red sugar water with grandma to put in the hummingbird feeder. After putting it in the hummingbird feeder, we would sit on the porch swing and watch the hummingbirds come by and drink it.

Tyler: I remember I used to play baseball with grandma. She would spend hours pitching the ball and chasing me to “try and get me out.” One time, I whacked the ball straight at her and it hit her shin, leaving a nice big bruise. She didn’t get mad at all, ever. In fact, all I heard from her about being hit in the shin by the ball is “how good of a hitter” I was!