Memories from the Turners

Marc—In a world full of turnmoil, Worry, Stress and anxiety…Grandma and Grandpa and their house has always been a place of peaceful refuge from the storms. No outward displays of disappointment or Judgment ever, just Love and understanding. I remember vividly one of the toughest days of my life. I was a 19 year old kid, sitting in the back of plane waiting for the crowd in front of me to exit the isle. I was returning early from what I felt was a failure of an attempt at an LDS mission. As I sat there waiting for my turn to exit the plane I was so full of fear, disappointment and shame I thought I was going to burst right there in my seat. As I walked off the plane and the tears began to flow I saw my parents and standing right behind them was my Grandma and Grandpa. I don’t remember a word that was said I just remembered as they all embraced me that famous Grandma phrase “Everything is going to be OK.”

Jenny-When it comes to all time memories at grandma and grandpa’s its tough to beat our Sunday nights. By far the best night of the week for us kids growing up!! I think of those nights of playing steal the flag out back, and hitting balls against the aluminum siding and getting yelled at were some of the best times of my life, not to mention Kevin getting yelled at every week for trampling and destroying all of Grandma’s beautiful flowers!!

Kristi–I remember one of my favorite Christmas gifts was when you gave all of us grandkids a duffel bag with matching yellow sweatsuits and an invitation for us to have a big slumber party together with you at your house! That was the coolest Christmas gift EVER!!! Grandpa probably wouldn’t agree, we got a little rowdy:)

Kevin–I remember watching a recent BYU/Utah football game with grandma and grandpa. Grandma had to go home well before halftime, the close game was way too much for her to take and I realized this is probably where I get my big time anxiety for games and “occasionally” have to close my eyes or leave my seats in the staduim for close games.

Kristi–I remember when Grandma drove down to Ceder City with my mom on a moments notice to pick me up because I was hurled over in pain from major kidney stones. I remember the drive back to Orem I couldn’t stop vomiting the entire way and we had to stop at a random hospital so I could get a shot. You were always so comforting and just you being there with my mom meant a lot!

Kevin—Kevin just recently shared with us that after his beloved Cubs wrapped up their first World Series win in over 100 year, around 11pm the first phone call he received was from my grandma, congratulating him on his long sought victory.

Marc–One memory that sticks out for me is one that I was not there to see. I’ve just heard Sabrina talk about her experience. In 2009 I was rushed to Utah Valley Hospital from Am Fork Hospital for an emergency surgery. Sabrina talked so much about having to sit in the waiting room of the hospital, scared, struggling and having a really hard time and not sure what to expect. She talked a lot about the support and comfort Grandma and Grandpa gave to her by just being there. I know that the hospital is probably the last place that grandma n grandpa wanted to be, but they were there the entire time with her through the lengthy surgery. It helped her keep calm and somewhat composed. In John and Virginia fashion, as soon as they heard that the surgery was successful and I was going to be ok, they slipped out of the hospital and headed home.

Kevin–I remember getting my driver license when I was sixteen. I then wrecked our minivan on university avenue in Provo. I couldn’t get ahold of my mom or dad so I called grandma and grandpa they came and picked me up I was really shakin up and sad about the accident and grandma said, “cars can be replaced people cant” I still remember that saying to this day.

Kristi—Kristi just shared a more recent memory of Grandma teaching all of the Great Grand Children to play “Mother may I?” While on vacation in St George. The kids were having the time of their life. The following night they talked her into going back down stairs and playing it over and over for nearly two hours late into the night. Grandma you were always so much fun.

Marc–A majority of my memories surrounding Grandma were centered around their home and the Orchard. When I was really young I used to go up to my grandparents and sell cherries. I would pick baskets full and sit on 800 E with my two little Cherries for sale signs and my little metal scale. I would sit there for hours and hours selling and picking cherries. I would also spend a lot of my late summer and early fall hour picking pears with a crew of mirgrant workers. G and G would pay me 50 cents a bushel. At the end of the day I would pick a few bushel and end up inside with Grandma sipping on some soda and eating some cookies while she worked on her crossword puzzles. The best days were when she needed to run to the store in the after noon and I would ride along side her. I loved going to the store with Grandma, and it usually paid off in a treat, or something cool. I used to think that me spending a lot of time at my grandparents picking and selling fruit was just me fine tuning my young entrepreneurial skills. I’ve realized since that it was just an opportunity to be close to and spend some one on one time with some of my most favorite people in the world, my grandma and Grandpa.

Lastly, I’d be remiss if I did not share on last experience with Grandma. A couple of weeks ago on Grandpa’s B-day, the family had arranged a little get together of Sat night to celebrate. We were not able to get there that evening….Honestly,that’s not quite the whole truth, My parents were out of the country so they wouldn’t be there and that was the same night as the Final Four games so I did not want to be driving back and forth during those games. Welcome to the Crandall sports jeans, not pretty at times:) After Brocks soccer game in the morning we made an impromptu visit to Grandma’s to see Grandpa. It was great, and as we left a few hours later my wife said, It was really awesome to sit back and watch you and your Grandma and Grandpa reminisce down memory lane for 2 hours. We talked about all the best memories we had growing up right there. During that conversation my Grandpa said something that has not left me since, he said this……..”We are simple folks, we didn’t care much for fancy trips, We didn’t care about money, And we don’t care about having things, What we care most about in this world is Family. We did everything in our power to have our family close and around us as much as possible. We very blessed to have had the close family that we did.”
Victor Frankle said, “Sacrifice is just sacrifice until it is given meaning.” Grandma spent a good amount of her adult life sacrificing good health and feeling well to establish and take care of a family that desperately needed her. Talk about having meaning and purpose in your everyday life. Grandma your legacy for me will be the example you set in how to raise and cultivate an amazing family experience. I’m not sure that I have ever met an extended family as large as ours that is as bonded and as close as ours is. You are the heart of this family and always will be. I love you Grandma and will miss you everyday. Sempre Amato. In the name of JC amen.