Crandall Grandchildren Memories

The following is a list of memories the grandchildren compiled from Grandma and Grandpa for Christmas in 2012

I remember grandpa telling stories about how he and grandma met and that she was really impressed by his truck. Jill

I remember going up to Aspen grove with grandpa and grandma and taking a hike to the first waterfall. Sometimes we would even have time to go to the amphitheater and do a play. Jill

I remember and I’m grateful that grandpa was able to stand in the circle for both Kaitlin and Spencer’s blessing and baptism. Very few kids are lucky enough to have a great grandpa around to do that. Jill

I remember taking vacations with grandpa and grandma and stopping at parks for lunch. I even remember a time where grandpa decided to swing at the park. Jill

Powered donuts – can’t see them without thinking of grandpa. Jill

I remember playing in the ditch and trying not to get too wet or dirty. I don’t think that gene was past along to my kids. Jill

I am so grateful that my kids are able to know, love, and have a great relationship with grandpa and grandma! Jill

I remember hearing the diesel burner pull up in our driveway and being excited that grandpa and grandma had come to visit. Jill

I remember Sunday’s with left over roast beef on the stove to munch on throughout the night. Jill

I remember riding behind the tractor on the wagon down Center Street to the barn. Jill

I remember the really sad Sundays when I didn’t get my practicing done, so I didn’t get to go to Grandpa and Grandma’s house. I don’t think my dad and mom would appreciate if I implemented that into our house. Jill

I remember when Becky had preschool during the summer in the backyards and I would get to go inside and see grandma. Being the grandchild certainly had its advantages. Jill

I remember saying that I loved cleaning toilets, so grandma would let me come clean hers – I think I really just loved going over and spending time with grandpa and grandma. Jill

I remember grandma’s yellow smiley face cup that sat by the sink filled with diet coke. I always thought it tasted better than grandpa’s cold water. Jill

I remember when grandpa would walk into the classroom when he was principal and always come for my cheeks. I should have learned the Kaitlin trick and filled them full of air. Jill

I remember in second grade when I fell off the swing and got a concussion. Grandma came and picked me up and took me to the doctor. Because mom had just had Shawn, I went back to their house to recover. Grandpa came home and was making me laugh, and I remember grandma telling him to stop because if I threw up again I would have to go back to the doctor. Jill

I remember driving the kids’ home from school and whenever Spencer has a friend with him, he proudly points out the orchard and that the grandpa that owns it is the one that has his picture on the wall at the school. Jill

I remember when Kaitlin was given her very own peach tree – I don’t think she has ever done anything to take care of it ☺ but she still claims it’s hers. Jill

I remember how generous grandpa and grandma are and how willing they always are to help out. Jill

I remember how I feel when I walk into grandpa and grandma’s house. I always feel welcome and loved. Jill

I will always remember the advice grandpa gave to me after we lost Alyssa. He basically told me it was hard and sad, but I needed to not let it keep me down, I needed to live my life. I’ve thought of that advice many times and am trying to live by it. Jill

I remember all the blankets and burp clothes grandma made me for Kaitlin. I also remember the cute blessing dress that she bought her. Jill

I remember driving in the canyon with grandpa and grandma and seeing “pink billy goats” – I still don’t know why I ever sided with grandpa and said that I saw one. Jill
I remember the Christmas that we got yellow sweats and a bag with a note in it that we got to go to a grandkid sleepover! Jill

I remember when grandma gave me the doll with the beautiful white dress for Christmas and my mom wouldn’t let me play with it. I’m glad she didn’t because it sits in my curio cabinet and is priceless. Jill

I remember how you take up flowers for Memorial Day and a tree for Christmas to Alyssa and Molly’s grave. It means so much to me that you remember them. I also remember the time that you came with us for Molly’s birthday and we almost set the cemetery on fire! We’ll do balloons from now on. ☺ Jill

I remember sleeping in the tent trailer in the driveway. Jill

I remember Grandpa being stressed about the size of the Sacrament bread. It was too big and he said it would be okay if he had butter and jam…so did it help when Kaitlin brought you some butter? Jill

There are perks to having your Grandpa as the former principal of Scera Park: Dear Mrs. Bandley, I hired you so stop giving Kaitlin so much homework. John Crandall Jill

I remember how caring and compassionate grandpa and grandma are. In my lifetime, I have watched them take care of Ma, Grandma Stubbs, and Camille with such love, care, concern and patience. I also know that if someone is having a hard time they are always there to help and give love and support. Jill

Not to many kids rush to get into the church every Sunday, but us Clark kids sure did. Not for the church, but to get prime position-sitting by Grandma because she would rub your back the entire Sacrament meeting. –Amy

I loved our Christmas traditions growing up—Christmas Eve with the entire family, the piñata, the food, the nativity. Then, eating breakfast at your house and opening presents on Christmas morning. –Amy

My favorite foods made by Grandma: Yorkshire puddings, homemade bread, peanut brittle, no bake cookies, egg ketchup, homemade jam and dried fruit. YUM! Grandpa’s specialty: cold water. –Amy

Every kid should have an orchard growing up. I loved playing in the ditch during irrigation time, picking fruit, riding on the tractor and of course, eating freshly picked peaches, apples, pears & cherries. –Amy

Weenie-roasts! Still the only hot dog I will eat. –Amy

I still have many of the Christmas presents you gave me. I still have my look-alike cabbage patch with the yellow dress, the porcelain doll’s dress and the musical Precious Moments doll. I don’t still have this, but I do remember getting sugar cereal for Christmas a time or two. That was a favorite! When we were older, Grandma picked out gag gifts for each of us. She knows us all so well! –Amy

I love to hear Grandpa’s stories. Grandpa’s laugh makes me happy. –Amy

I remember when I was a lot younger Grandma would tell me that I had her genes because we liked so many of the same foods—fish, BLT’s… it was years before I realized what genes were. I thought she was talking about blue jeans. –Amy

Grandpa & Grandma always made each of us feel like we were the favorite grandchild. Or, maybe I really AM the favorite. ☺ –Amy

I loved having Grandpa as my principal. I always got the best teacher (except for kindergarten—I didn’t get Mrs. Robins). Whenever he would come into the classroom I would blow up my cheeks really big because his cheek-pinching hurt! —Amy

The vacation breakfast of champions: powdered donuts and orange juice. RIP Hostess. –Amy

Vacations were the best with Grandpa & Grandma. We traveled all over the west in the old Diesel Burner exploring new places. I remember it was so hard to leave you when we went on to Canada and you went home after Yellowstone. –Amy

A kid’s dream—a shed full of soda pop! Not to mention the other delicious foods Grandma introduced and allowed me to eat at her house—wheat chex with sugar and cream, chocolate malted milk sprinkled over ice-cream and a bowl of whipping cream. Yum! –Amy

Motorcycle rides with Grandpa around the church parking lot. Maybe the best part was the anticipation—waiting for my turn on the sidewalk, hearing the roar of the engine as it circled back to pick me up for my turn. –Amy

I know every grandchild of yours will say Sunday nights, but I feel so blessed and lucky to have grown up half a block away from both of you. I have the best memories of Sunday nights with my Crandall family and feel sad that I live too far away to make it every week. –Amy

One of my favorite Christmas gifts was the year that you gave us sleepover gear—an overnight bag, pajamas (yellow sweats) and a position on the planning committee. –Amy

I still love walking into Grandma and Grandpa’s house. You are always so happy to see me and my family and I know that I am welcome—no matter what you are doing. –Amy

I remember the trip to Idaho to visit Grandma’s brother. Kevin & I got to go. I remember driving there, trying to watch the BYU football game on a crummy travel t.v. and getting to the motel just in time to see the end. We had so much fun at your brother’s house. We rode go carts all over the place. –Amy

Grandpa and Grandma have been there for everything major in life—my blessing (I’m just assuming, I don’t have my mom’s memory), my baptism, all of my graduations, my wedding and now my babies’ big events. Not to mention birthdays and other celebrations. It means the world to have you there cheering me on. –Amy

Puzzles, puzzles, puzzles…much to Grandpa’s dismay. –Amy

One of my most favorite stories of all times was when we went to Leman Caves. The annoying park ranger was going on and on and on about damaging the cave and Grandma leans down to us and says, “I wonder what hot air will do to it.” This from my sweetest Grandma?!? I don’t know that I’ve ever laughed so hard. –Amy

My favorite song of Grandpa’s: “In Our Lovely Deseret” where the hens and roosters set. Hark! Hark! Hark! –Amy

“Here Comes Trouble” matching shirts making their way through Zion’s National Park. –Amy

I loved eating lunch with Grandma. I especially remember leftover roast beef sandwiches with pickles and mustard, potato chips and caffeine free diet coke in a yellow smiley face cup. –Amy

I love that my kids get to know their Grandpa and Grandma Crandall and experience some of the great things that I did as a kid. They are so lucky. –Amy

A few of my favorite Grandpa-isms: ‘Tally ho, Mary Jo’, Mudder duck, Merkum, ‘Oh Lordy’, Cougarettes… –Amy

I remember the infamous ski trip with the whole family to celebrate your anniversary. I don’t think it turned out very well for Grandma’s knee. –Amy

I remember and still love walking through the orchard with Grandpa as he checks for ripe fruit. Nothing tastes better than eating a fresh peach right off the tree. –Amy

I remember our hopes getting dashed every time Grandpa and Grandma contemplated a vacation home, condo or cabin. I swear we would use it!!! —Amy

Ryan: I remember “grandkids” night and sleeping over at grandma and grandpa’s house.

Ryan: I remember Grandpa coming to the Emergency Room and hanging out with me after I had my seizure.

Ryan: I remember eating cereal on Sunday nights over at Grandma and Grandpa’s.

Ryan: I remember Grandpa telling stories about baseball (remembering amazing details about specific players and games from the 1940’s and 50’s).

Ryan: I remember Sister Pratt scolding Grandpa for setting a bad example by not singing for us and Grandpa responding by singing, “In the lovely Deseret where the hens and roosters set…”

Ryan: I remember trying to rush into church and to get into the aisle first to claim the seat next to Grandma and rights to a wonderful back scratch during Sacrament meeting.

Ryan: I remember eating powdered donuts on vacations with Grandpa.

Ryan: I remember going with Grandma to see Nita’s (?) giant turtle.

Ryan: I remember looking forward to Friday nights in the MTC when I got to see Grandma and Grandpa…and the rest of my district was excited as well to see what treats they brought!

Ryan: I remember the “diesel burner!”

Ryan: I remember Grandpa and Grandma being more forgiving of rent checks not paid by the 5th of the month than my Mom and Dad – but at least I never asked for “free” months or else I would move out.
Ryan: I remember loving the smell of the big shed at Grandma and Grandpa’s house (and I still do love that smell!)

Ryan: I remember looking forward to Christmas breakfast – hands down the best breakfast I eat all year. Oh I love that toast! I also remember that Grandpa’s ideal Christmas breakfast would include tomato soup and whatever else he ate for last night’s dinner.

Ryan: I remember Grandpa giving us a spot in the orchard to grow tomatoes and then letting us sell them in his front yard. I was sure I was going to get rich from those tomatoes!

Ryan: I remember Grandma and Grandpa having Japanese exchange students and Miyuki and Ryo stay with them. It’s probably because of Grandma and Grandpa that I went to Japan on my mission!

Ryan: I remember hearing stories from my friends who went to Scera Park about how my grandpa wouldn’t let them wear shorts.

Ryan: I remember Grandma getting a lot of moose as presents over the years. I just can’t recall why… ☺

Ryan: I remember Grandpa always saying that he wants to go back to New York and watch the Yankees…but I don’t remember Grandpa ever going!

Ryan: I remember Grandpa stealing Grandma’s food, especially dessert at Sunday dinner. Grandpa never wants dessert…but ends up stealing some of Grandma’s.

Ryan: I remember Grandma making delicious puddings, apple crisp and homemade bread! Luckily she keeps making those things so I don’t forget!

Ryan: I remember helping Grandpa draw a beautiful picture depicting the phrase, “I said dart gun, not. . .”

Ryan: I remember driving to Amy’s wedding with Shawn and being stuck in a line of traffic in the carpool lane. We exited the carpool lane and drove past the line of ten cars to see Grandpa and Grandma at the front of the line. We smiled, waved, and drove on by.

Ryan: I remember Grandpa’s undying love for Deron Williams.

Ryan: I remember Grandma being the best scratcher of all time.

Ryan: I remember looking forward to the annual Weenie Roast everywhere with Grandma’s delicious punch and Grandpa grilling everyone’s hamburgers and hot dogs because not many people actually roast their dogs!

Ryan: I remember asking Grandpa for permission to have a glass of his cold water.

Ryan: I remember the trip to Southern Utah with our “Here Comes Trouble” shirts.

Yorkshire puddings, eating leftover roast beef of the stove, and Grandpa’s cold water! Shawn

Trip up to Montana with Kristi- Grandpa eating midnight summer fun in the sun ice cream. Shawn

Grandma making the best concoction for the weenie roasts. Shawn

Grandpa coming out when Kevin would run into the house playing steal the flag. Shawn

Grandpa’s favorite player: DERON WILLIAMS Shawn

Grandma stomping on my back- and also giving the best back tickles in church! Shawn

The endless supply of dried pears and always being hooked up by Grandma and Grandpa! Shawn

Picking up limbs for money when I was in 7th grade…. Not my favorite memory. Shawn

Famous “wait for me” song– I wanted to ride in my Grandpa’s car! Shawn

The green truck! Which still needs to be restored! Shawn

I remember eating cereal at Grandma and Grandpa’s on Sunday night when I was little- loved that I could always have “sugar cereal.” Shawn

“Grandpaisms”– mudder, chicker, oh lordio…. Shawn

Talking baseball with grandpa! Remember telling grandpa that my friend’s were training with a hall of famer, Nate Colbert– Grandpa laughed, said he was no good and rattled off his career batting average- and he was right! Shawn

Never seeing Grandma upset or complain ever! She is pretty good a lying though– because she always says she feels good even when she doesn’t! Shawn

Christmas morning breakfast! Shoveling down homemade toast and jam. Shawn

Remember going to Grandma and Grandpa’s after school because we were deprived of cable! Watching Sportscenter and Grandma continually making sure I had snacks! Shawn

Watching the BYU Utep game at Grandma and Grandpa’s– hiding behind the chair for Kevin Nixon’s game winner! Shawn

Going anywhere and people finding out you are a Crandall and getting praised for how great my grandparents are! Shawn
Grandma and Grandpa’s generous gift helping me pay my car off early! Shawn

Shopping with Grandma for a baptism gift- still remember I bought a journal and a temple coloring book. Shawn

Grandma and Grandpa being at every meaningful event- birthdays, graduations, etc. Shawn

The great ceiling fan debate…. Grandpa laying in the middle of the floor. Shawn

Discussing how bad the cougarettes are every Sunday! Grandpa’s never failing optimism about the Jazz and Cougars! Shawn

Grandma and Grandpa teaching me a great work ethic! Still working on applying it– but has always been something I’ve admired. Shawn

Remember when Grandma and Grandpa lent me the most bum comfy car ever– then I wrecked it. Remember how kind they were when I wreck it. Shawn

Rides with Grandpa on the trail 90 in the church parking lot. Shawn

Grandpa and Grandma both using two adjectives saying how little of a piece of dessert they want. Shawn

Grandpa always stealing food off of Grandma’s plate at Sunday dinner. Shawn

When I was in elementary school I used to love to get up really early in the morning before school and Grandpa would come and pick me up. We would go back to the house and load up on some cereal in a bag and then we would head out, just the two of us to deliver fruit. Usually to Mrs. Beck’s. I’d usually spend most of the time on the floor of the green truck trying to keep the heater blowing on me. It was an awesome time.—Marc

One of my favorite things to do in the late summer as a kid was to go up to Grandma and Grandpa’s, I’d go out with the Mexicans and pick pears to earn money. Grandpa would pay me 50 cents a bushel. But my favorite part of being up there during the day was to get to go with grandma to the store. It was a lot of fun and usually a treat of some sort was involved… –Marc

I used to spend a lot of time in the summers picking and selling cherries at Grandma and Grandpa’s. I remember picking cherries one morning with grandma, I was up in the top of the tree trying to get the last of the cherries and grandma was telling me that I was plenty high and far out on a limb. I was right in the middle of telling her I saw a twin cherry (two cherries, one stem) as I was saying that the branch gave way and I fell out of the tree. I think it scared grandma more than it hurt me!!—Marc

I remember all the time we spent as kids hauling in the fruit, I loved it, but by far the best was when grandpa would throw me up on his lap and have me help him steer the tractor through the orchard. The only thing better than that was when he taught me how to drive the tractor on my own. I’d drive the tractor up and down the rows while grandpa and my dad would throw the bushels of fruit on the wagon.–Marc

When I was younger I used to love to mess around in grandpa’s sheds and just see what was hanging around. I remember finding a couple boxes of old newspapers one day and was looking through them, I was amazed at how old some of them were. After a while grandpa came out and we started to look through them together. He had some from the Thistle floods in I think 1983. He also had some from when a damn broke and flooded a city in Idaho, I think Idaho Falls or Boise or something like that. He spent a few hours going through all those papers and telling me all about that stuff.—Marc

A few years ago Sabrina and I had tickets to several Jazz games on what was about the front row. They were great seats. It was back in the old days of Stockton and Malone. Grandpa came up to a game with me and we had a great time listening to Sloan cursing at the guys!!—Marc

One afternoon as a kid I was going through grandpa’s shed out back and ran across an old gym bag. In the gym bag was a few baseballs, some old tennis shoes and an old baseball glove. The glove wasn’t like any glove I had ever seen before. It was really padded with just the five fingers and a small web between two of the fingers. I took the glove into grandpa to ask him about it. He told me that it was his old glove that he used to use when he played ball. After talking about it for a while I told him if he ever got tired of having it hanging around I’d love to get it out of his hair. A few years ago grandma and grandpa came up to our house for some get together and he brought the glove to me and said he remembered that I was really interested in it and I could have It if I really wanted that old thing. I was super excited and still today have it hung up in my house.—Marc

I remember when all of us kids were really young we used to love to come to grandma n grandpa’s on Sunday nights. One of my favorite things was when grandma would have all of us kids sit in the front room and read us a story. I don’t remember too much about what was read but I do remember one of our all time favorite stories had something to do with some people that lived in a fridge or something. I cant remember many of the stories but I do remember loving having grandma read to us!—Marc

I think by far one of the highlights of growing up really close to grandma n grandpa’s was being able to run straight over to their house after church and have our pick of an entire cupboard of cereals. Awesome!!—Marc

When we were kids I remember a few summers getting up early and going with grandma walking in the morning. I’m not sure she really loved our company as much as we did hers, but I’m sure there was a little motivation for us to get up because there was usually a candy bar or something in it for us at the end of the walk!!—Marc

One memory that sticks out for me is one that I was not there to see. I’ve just heard Sabrina talk about her experience. That was when I was rushed to Utah Valley Hospital from Am Fork Hospital for emergency surgery. Sabrina talked so much about having to sit in the waiting room of the hospital, having a hard time and not sure what to expect. She talked a lot about how even though that is probably the last place that grandma n grandpa wanted to be, that they were there the entire time with her. It helped her keep calm and somewhat composed. And true to form as soon as they heard that I was going to be ok they were out of there. Very much remembered and appreciated.—Marc

A few years ago several of our families and grandma and grandpa took a trip up to a cabin in Bear Lake. We had a ball with all of us playing games and watching movies and playing at the lake, but I think what I remember best was the little trip we took into town to get a burger and raspberry shakes. We just had a great time eating and talking with everyone, what a great mini vacation!!—Marc

When we were all kids, one of our favorite things to do was to sleep over at grandma’s. I’m not to sure it was one of grandpa’s favorites but we enjoyed it. I think my favorite of all the sleepovers though was when the camp trailor was out on the side of the house and we all piled into that thing and had a ball. I’m sure grandpa enjoyed those sleepovers much more than the indoor ones!!—Marc

I’m not sure if this is my favorite memory growing up or not but its up there. I almost couldn’t wait for cherry season. I used to love to pick a bunch of cherries from my house and grandpa’s orchard. I’d get my two cherry signs and lean them up against the two giant trees out front and start selling cherries. I had one of those metal scales and a little box for my money and I’d sit out there for hours on end selling cherries and hanging out with grandma and grandpa. Awesome memory and not a bad way to make a few bucks as a kid!!—Marc

I can vividly remember one summer grandpa was teaching me how to drive the tractor. It was something I had been wanting to do forever and I’m sure pestered grandpa into finally teaching me how. One day as I was just starting to get the hang of it, I had grandpa in the seat with me and I was attempting to turn the corner on one of the rows when my fingers caught the gas lever above the steering wheel and the tractor took off right towards a tree. Just before we hit the tree grandpa was able to step on the brake and stop the tractor before I crashed it. Not sure if grandpa remembers that or not but I sure do. –Marc

I think one of the coolest things for me growing up helping in the orchard was when we got to help haul in the fruit. I loved trying to lift those heavy bushels as a kid and barely being able to get them on the wagon. After we got the wagon all loaded up, next came my favorite part, I loved to ride on the wagon, sitting on top of all the fruit as we drove down to the barn on center st. I don’t know why I loved it as much as I did, but I sure thought it was a pretty cool thing to get to do. Not sure if we could get away with that kind of stuff these days.—Marc

A really good summer night at grandma and grandpa’s definitely got a lot better when grandpa would break out the old orange motor cycle and take us all for rides around the church parking lot and back to the driveway where all the grandkids were lined up waiting for their turn.—Marc

This memory doesn’t have as much to do with grandma n grandpa as it does with what they used to buy and keep out in the little shed… You guessed it, soda pop. In the good old days when we were kids I used to love drinking the soda’s in the glass bottles. They just seemed to taste better in the glass bottles. More important than the soda though was the bottle caps, I remember spending hours collecting and saving bottle caps. Some of them used to have prizes and give aways and stuff like that. I don’t think I ever redeemed any because I couldn’t bare parting with any of the cool bottle caps!!—Marc

This one is a unanimous memory with my entire family and me and that is all the times we spent playing in the ditch. Definitely one of my favorite times growing up and one of my kids favorite activities as well. I also think it is really cool that Is something I have been able to do as a kid and with my kids as a dad.—Marc

I can remember a lot of summers and falls spent helping grandma n grandpa sort, polish, weigh, box and load fruit into the old green truck. I used to love every minute of it. Especially when I was able to help without falling out of the window of the truck onto my head!! I was going to talk more about that experience but I can’t seem to remember much of it for some reason!!—Marc

When it comes to all time memories and grandma and grandpa’s its tough to beat our Sunday nights. By far the best night of the week for us kids growing up!! I think those nights of playing steal the flag out back, and hitting balls against the aluminum siding and getting yelled at were some of the best times of my life, not to mention my lil bro Kevin getting yelled at every week for trampling and plain destroying flowers!! Priceless—Marc

I can vaguely remember one night grandpa showing up to pick up a handful of us grandkids to run over to I think it was Goodyear Tires or something like that because he had heard Karl Malone on the radio and he was doing the interview from the store. So we all got to go down there and meet and shake the Mailmans had and get his autograph. I kept that autograph I had on a red bumper sticker until I moved out of my house, I wonder if I might still have that autograph laying around in some box somewhere.—Marc

I loved the fact that grandma and grandpa would take us to Grandma Stubbs and MA and Bomps a lot so that I can still have some memories of them before they passed away. As well as doing the 12 days of Christmas for Camille, that was a riot trying to out run her as a kid. It was awesome that I got the opportunity in my early teens to spend the nights at Ma’s to get to know her better and help her feel safer at night. I’ve never seen an extended family as close as we all are, from great grandparents, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles and all. Something I will forever be grateful for. A very close relationship with all the Crandall side.—Marc

It wasn’t too long ago when we were having some kind of a get together at my parents’ house, birthday party or something like that. Grandma and grandpa left and a few min later grandma came back in and handed me a couple of envelopes and said here these are for all you kids, ok talk to you later and pretty much ran back out the door. I was kind of surprised and thought that’s kind of interesting. I handed everyone of my siblings an envelope and told them what grandma had said and we opened the envelopes and were shock and stunned at the gift that they had given to each one of us. The amount of money they gave came for each one of us at a time when we all needed it and really helped. In John and Virginia fashion they were out the door before they could even be thanked. –Marc

i remember being on my mission and some of my favorite days were when i saw a big vanilla envelope in the mail it meant sports articles cut out of the newspaper from grandpa crandall it was the best along with egg ketchup too from grandma..kevin

i remember going to a byu basketball game with grandpa we couldnt find a spot so grandpa said park on the west side of the football stadium it will make for a quick getaway byu won a close one but we got home quick thanks to grandpas advice i always park there now…kevin

i remember being in mr tittles 6th grade class and he would take me down to the teachers lounge where i would sit with him and grandpa and they would tell me about all the great yankees of the past while i drank a pop it was teriffic….kevin

i remember grandpa giving me a ride home from the car shop one day and we got talking about missions and he told me about his and his difficult times and missing grandma it was a really good talk…

i remember watching this years byu utah game with grandma and grandpa and grandma had to go home before halftime it was too much for her to take and i realized this is where i get my big time aniexety and have to close my eyes for some plays….kevin

i remember one christmas wanting to get grandma and grandpa something really special and something that would last and after looking hard i got a john deere tractor which i belive fits them well and they still own…kevin

i remember going to the mtc with my family and grandma and grandpa when it was time to say goodbye i was doin ok till i saw grandpa with tears in his eyes and it meant alot to me to see how much he and grandma loved me…kevin

i remember being in elementary school and some friends and i decided to pull the fire alarm well i ended up in grandpas office and i was really nervous but he came in told me dont do dumb stuff like that then gave me some candy and sent me on my way i was very relieved..kevin

when i was living in provo on my own grandma made me my own batch of beans including hot sauce which lasted like a week it was great and i saved alot of money…kevin

when i was a kid i remember going over to ma ‘s house to help sort friut and i remember grandpa showing me how to do it and feeling so proud when i finished a box and grandpa didnt have to remove any because they were too small or bruised…kevin

i remember getting my driver license when i was sixteen i then wrecked out minivan on university avenue i couldnt get ahold of my mom or dad so i called grandma and grandpa they came and picked me up i was really shakin up and sad about it and grandma said cars can be replaced people cant and i remember that to this day…kevin

i remember driving home from the zoo with grandma and grandpa all the cousins were calling me pepe la pu and i got really upset about it and grandpa yelled at them which made me happy..kevin

i remember these disneyland cases that grandma would fill up with candy and said it was magic not her putting candy in them…kevin

i remember grandma and grandpa coming over to my parnets house for dinner when they left kenzie ran to the door for hugs she gave grandma one in the carport then she took off running to grandpa who was almost to the car he turned around all suprised and gave her a big hug it was sweet…kevin

grandma and grandpa came over to our house for the byu utah football game in 1996 it was great we hammered them so bad grandpa was very positive during that game…kevin

i remember being in st george with our here comes trouble tee shirts that grandma and grandpa gave us and a lady looked at us mean and said ya double trouble i bet…kevin

i remember going over to grandma and grandpas one afternoon to tell them about mackenzie they were so great to me hugged me told me they loved me and they couldnt wait to see mackenzie ill always remember that…kevin

i remember playing steal the flag and i stepped on two flowers in one night grandpa yelled at me that our steal the flag games may be over…kevin

i remember driving the mexicans back home with grandpa after they were done picking all the fruit for the day…kevin

i remember delivering the newspaper to grandma and grandpa everyday and getting a bottle of soda out of the garage…kevin

i remember going to bear lake with grandma and grandpa and getting sunburned really bad and grandpa saw hoosiers for the first time…kevin

i remember watching the red sox playoff game against the yankees in 2004 our cable went out so i went to grandma and grandpas and watched the final three extra innings with grandpa the red sox won…kevin
i remember going to grandma and grandpas when he let irrigation water onto the lawn i brought kenzie over to play in it and she had a blast…kevin

i remember staying over late one sunday night with shawn and grandpa showed us his basball book and told us stories of all the ballplayers from the olden times…kevin

i remember one sunday night grandpa telling me shawn marc and ryan about a road trip he and his freinds took to st louis right after high school to watch the cardinals play baseball…kevin

I remember the Sunday nights when Grandpa would take us over to the church parking lot and give us rides on his motorcycle. -Kristi

I remember when Grandpa took me with him, just him and me, on his drive up to salt lake when he would do his runs to drop off the apples. I can remember sitting in the green truck playing with the old radio buttons and thinking I was so lucky to get to go ALL THE WAY to salt lake with him. -Kristi

Tractor rides!!! I loved that time of year when it came time to pick the fruit. Being one of the girls I didn’t usually have to join in on picking the fruit so much…. But I ALWAYS made sure I would show up so I could ride on the tractor!!! -Kristi

Cereal after late church. What an awesome tradition that was! I was always THRILLED when our church block time was 3-6 because it meant CEREAL night at grandmas! My friends at church always thought I was so lucky I could just walk straight across the street afterwards and eat any sugar cereal I wanted for dinner! -Kristi

I remember one of my favorite Christmas gifts was when you gave all of us grandkids a duffel bag with matching yellow sweatsuits and an invitation for us to have a big slumber party together with you at your house! That was the coolest Christmas gift EVER! -Kristi

I remember when Grandma drove down with my mom to help pick me up from Cedar City with only a minute’s notice when I was hurled over in pain with kidney stones. I remember the drive back to Orem I couldn’t stop vomiting the entire way and we had to stop at a random hospital so I could get a shot. You were always so comforting and just you being there with my mom meant a lot! -Kristi

I am sure all the kids will have this as one of their memories, but the vacation we all took together with our HERE COMES TROUBLE tee-shirts you gave us!!! We thought that was the coolest thing EVER!!! I remember wanting to wear that shirt every day!! –Kristi

I remember when you took Shawn and I on a trip up to Montana to see Becky. We stopped at the Falls in Idaho and you took us bowling and played games. I especially remember playing pictionary. That was a fun week! -Kristi

I remember you bringing me JAMBA JUICE anytime I have been sick or in the hospital. It stands out to me because it was usually the ONLY thing I could tolerate to eat or drink! -Kristi

Irrigation water in the ditch has always been a fun memory! I can just picture grandpa out there in his big tall boots! -Kristi

I remember grandma babysitting me when I was REALLY young and being so excited every time because it meant I got to go in to your new JETTED bathtub!! You used to have this routine when I would get out of the tub where you would have me do jumping jacks and then you would count while you fanned with the towel until I was dry. It always took my mind off of how cold I was getting out. I thought it was so funny and have never forgotten that routine. I even try to do the same routine to my kids some days and they love it!! Haha -Kristi

TOAST!!! I will NEVER forget your homemade toast 😉 Also, I remember when I was young you would make me CINNAMON toast as a snack. You always made it so perfectly. I would try to ask my mom to make it for me like you and it never was right. You definitely make the BEST toast! -Kristi

It wasn’t until recently that I realized how much ANXIETY sports games, especially BYU games, give GRANDMA! I don’t know how I never noticed before…but the past couple years I have been watching her drop grandpa off to watch a ballgame and then she wanders home for awhile and comes back because she can’t take the stress of watching what is happening. My questions of where KEVIN got this from are FINALLY answered!!!! Although recent, this is a memory of her that will STICK! -Kristi

I remember that BIG BROWN CHAIR of grandpa’s that used to sit in the corner. He was always in that chair reading his paper when we would come to visit! I remember him always jumping up from the chair, usually in his garment top, and squeezing our cheeks, saying “well kris, whatcha think??” -Kristi

A more recent memory I have of grandma was last year in St. George she taught the great grandkids how to play “MOTHER MAY I”? They were just in heaven playing that with her! One night they asked her to go downstairs and play with her and she must have stayed down there playing that with them for 1-2 hours late in to the night!! Grandma you are always so much fun!! -Kristi

Playing cards with grandma and grandpa!! They taught Jenny and I a new game we had never played before. We were up LATE playing and playing!! I loved hearing the stories they would tell as we played about when they used to play when they were young. They would have us laughing! Unfortunately for grandpa, he had my mom for a partner and they JUST COULDN’T beat Jenny, Grandma and I!!! haha -Kristi

I am sure everybody else will put this as well, but I remember grandma’s back scratches!!! -Kristi

Steal the flag! Although you guys didn’t PLAY steal the flag… I always remember grandma being VERY concerned for her flowers and grandpa YELLING out atleast ONCE every time we played at Kevin for stomping on the flowers or throwing something at the house! We had so much fun! -Kristi

Christmas morning…of course! I always have and always will love Christmas morning at Grandma and grandpa’s! (especially the toast!) You have always brought such a loving and welcoming feeling in to your home! Last year was the first year I missed Christmas morning breakfast at your house and it was NOT the same! -Kristi

I remember when we had a family picnic over behind the church when they first built that pavilion, and after eating we had a big game of softball. I remember grandpa playing with us and I remember grandma on the side lines cheering with a few of the other ladies that didn’t play ☺ Such a fun family! -Kristi

A memory I have of grandma is that she has ALWAYS been happy go lucky! She never complains about a thing!! She is always 100% concerned with everybody else and never once thinks of herself. Grandma you are ALWAYS a joy to be around!! Thank you for all you have always done for us!! –Kristi

I remember always having the weenie roast! A memory I love about the weenie roast is seeing grandpa cooking up the hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill for everybody while the big fire burns off to the side with not many people cooking anything over it. –Kristi

Grandma must have been the HOSTESS outlet #1 customer! I always remember her handing out hostess doughnuts, cupcakes or dingdongs every time we would stop by!! -Kristi

I remember grandma coming along with mom and me when I would go school shopping as a young girl! I especially remember going up to the V.F. factory outlets with grandma! I have later learned from my mom that the main reason she brought grandma was because I had serious attitude about clothes with my mom but for some reason with grandma I didn’t act quite so bad…. Either way, I was always happy grandma was coming!! -Kristi

I remember being so lucky to have my grandpa as my elementary school principal! Whether you ever knew this or not, I will share a memory that will always stick with me! I remember in 5th grade I had this “boyfriend” and one of them gave me a silly ring. Well, Mr. FERGUSON found out about it and he threatened me that if he saw me wearing that ring he was going to tell you (grandpa) that I had a boyfriend! It seems so silly now but I remember being TERRIFIED that I was going to be busted! I remember thinking he was going to tell you and you would tell my parents and they would be so mad! Mr. Ferguson told me if I wore the ring around my neck on a necklace then it would be more of a FRIENDSHIP ring and he MIGHT not tell. I remember one day Mr. Ferguson told me that he finally had told you about it and I was going to be in big trouble! I remember there was a birthday party that night with all of our family and I just sat there nervous all night worrying and worrying about you bringing it up or my parents getting me in trouble over it! Anyway, it is such a silly story but I will never forget about that!! -Kristi
Having a sleepover a grandma and grandpa’s house will all the cousins. –Jenny

Playing steal the flag or football every Sunday when we were younger. –Jenny

Watching Kevin get in trouble weekly from grandpa for hitting the shed with the ball, or trampling the flowers. –Jenny

Getting picked up from school when I was sick by grandma and her taking me out to Mcdonalds for lunch. –Jenny

Riding through the orchard on grandpa’s tractor with him.- Jenny

Getting to ride with a bunch of us on the long trailer being pulled behind the tractor. –Jenny

Helping grandpa rake the front yard when they were putting in new grass. –Jenny

Helping to pick and sort fruit at the barn.- Jenny

Grandma’s Homemade bread (toast) on EVERY Christmas ☺ -Jenny

Getting together as a whole family on Christmas morning for breakfast.-Jenny

Picking and eating fresh fruit in the summers. –Jenny

Playing basketball out on the cement court with the family. –Jenny

Roasting hotdogs on the fire for the weenie roast. –Jenny

Hiding/looking for eggs in the orchard for Easter. –Jenny

Getting a back scratch or rub from grandma. –Jenny

Watching the Simpsons every Sunday with all the grandkids. –Jenny

Watching the Summerfest parade every year in their front yard. –Jenny

Playing hide and go seek in the basement with the cousins. –Jenny

Breaking the piñata each Christmas. –Jenny

Playing in the Ditch when grandpa irrigated. –Jenny

Playing card games in St. George, learning to play a new game, 500- Jenny

Kristi and I beating Grandpa and mom at 500 our first time playing ☺- Jenny

I remember going mission shopping with Grandma in her new Impala which she let me drive. It was really fun shopping with Grandma. Aaron

I remember running errands with Grandma and Grandpa wanted us to stop and look at a truck. When the salesman came over he started talking to Grandma about the truck. Grandma asked how much the truck was and he told her the price. She then said the truck was for her husband John Crandall. The salesman then quoted her a different price which was quite a bit less and said, “That’s the lowest we can possibly go, we can’t go any lower”. Aaron

I remember helping to sort apples at the barn on that big machine. Looking back on that memory, as a kid, I had no idea what that machine actually did to the apples. Aaron

I remember riding up to Salt Lake between Grandma and Grandpa in the truck and dropping off fruit. Aaron

I remember how good egg ketchup tastes and how people who don’t like egg ketchup just aren’t smart enough to enjoy it. Aaron

I remember always knowing where I could go for a glass of the best cold water there is: Grandpa’s cold water. Aaron

I remember Grandpa warning us not to step in Grandma’s flowers before we played steal the flag and then Kevin always stepping in them the first chance he got. And then grandpa would come out and yell, “KEVIN!!”. Aaron

I remember Grandpa warning us not to hit the house with the tennis ball or the football and when someone hit the house Grandpa would come out and yell, “KEVIN!!”. Aaron

I remember riding around on the old trailer behind the tractor. Aaron

I remember riding around the orchard on the four wheeler with Shawn. Grandpa told us we were going to fast but we really weren’t going that fast. Grandpa then came out and told us we were banned from riding it. To this day I think we’re still banned. Aaron

I remember how fun it was to meet on Christmas morning for breakfast with the whole family. Aaron

I loved everyone meeting at Grandma and Grandpas every Sunday night. Aaron

I remember on a trip to Goblin Valley Grandma tried to move a big boulder by pushing it. Grandma asked if the boulder was wiggling. Grandpa told her the only thing wiggling was her bottom. Aaron

I remember grandma and grandpa inviting everyone to Apollo Burger on short notice and almost every still made it. I thought that was really cool. Aaron

I remember having sleep overs and grandma and grandpas with Shawn. Aaron

I loved it when Grandma would dry pears. I love dried pears. Aaron

I remember you could tell when Grandpa was getting home because the diesel burner was so loud. Aaron

I remember Grandma calling to wish me happy birthday and on her voicemail she said, “I know it’s not cool to call anymore but I don’t know how to text”. It was very sweet. Aaron

I remember going for rides on grandpa’s motorcycle when I was little, and then him showing me how to ride it when I was older. Aaron

I remember bringing my car to grandpa before I bought it to see what he thought of it. I think no one has looked at more used cars and talked to more car salesman than grandpa. Aaron

I remember Grandpa showing me how to pick peaches and it was way harder than it looked. It took me forever to pick them and Grandpa was filling baskets left and right. Aaron

I remember thinking Grandma could sew anything. Aaron

I remember pickled beets aren’t as good as Grandpa says they are. Aaron

I remember always looking on top of the stove to see if there were any leftover yorkshire puddings. Aaron

I remember Grandpa’s words of wisdom to me when I graduated from college. He said he only learned two things in college, but he forgot one of them. He said the thing he learned was that you have to learn to work with other people. Aaron

I remember one time Trevor and I went with grandma and grandpa to deliver apples up in salt lake. We were in the old green truck and it was running low on gas. We passed several gas stations but grandpa did not stop because he wanted to find the station with the lowest price. Eventually we ran out of gas and grandpa had to walk to the nearest gas station. Justin

They were resoddding the front yard because it and had crab grass. Grandpa pulled out the lawn in the front yard and he had and Trevor and I ride on the wagon and spread the old grass around in the orchard. Justin

I remember when they first got the four wheelers. We were riding around the orchard and grandpa kept yelling at us to slow down. Justin

I remember going to brick oven on their 50th wedding aniversery. Justin

I remember playing “scare bear” in their basement. Justin

I remember winning candy bars for March madness. Justin

I remember stealing tootsie rolls from the hall cupboard. Justin

I remember Grandma inviting us over for Sunday dinners, with potatoes and gravy, roast beef and puttings. Justin

I remember one year we went to las vegas for thanksgiving to have it with the Littlefields. Justin

I remember going to Kindergarten at Scera Park where grandpa was the principle. Justin

I remember grandpas old motor cycle. Justin

I remember sorting fruit. Justin

I remember grandma would buy us movies like bongo. Justin

I remember grandma reading me books from the drawers in the hall. Justin

I remember playing basketball on Christmas Eve. Justin

I remember eating breakfast at there house Christmas morning. Justin

I remember playing in the ditch. Justin

I remember going to the park. Justin

I remember when I was at primary children’s hospital they came to see me. Justin

I remember grandma always having soda outside in the shed. Justin

Whenever I stop by they always have something for me to eat. Justin

They gave me and Trevor apples and peaches to take to a farmers market. Justin

I remember building blanket forts in the basement. Justin

Whenever I was sick grandma would take best care of me. Justin

I remember Grandma would always have chocolate malt and ice cream for me. Justin

Trevor and I went to Montana with them to visit Becky and Eric. We saw Great Falls. Justin

I remember watching the summerfest fireworks from their front porch. Justin

When I was little they always had lots of different kinds of cereal when we visited. Justin
Riding in the little back seat of the truck to New Mexico to visit Becky. Trevor

Delivering fruit in Salt Lake and stopping and eating at McDonalds. Also we were in the old green truck and ran out of gas on our trip. Trevor

Justin and I rode with grandma and grandpa to Montana to see Becky. Trevor

Grandpa teaching me to drive the tractor. Trevor

Grandma and Grandpa came to see A Christmas Carol at the Hale theatre with us winter 2011 afterwards we ate at Apollo Burger. Trevor

Grandma and Grandpa visited us when we were in Bryce Canyon. Trevor

Many times going up Provo Canyon to South Fork and Big Springs. Trevor

Grandma and Grandpa came with us to Dinasaur Monument in Vernal. Trevor

I remember I was sad and took a picture with grandpa when he sold the diesel burner.Trevor

Grandma and Grandpa would take us to Mcdonalds when my dad was on business trips and we would play in the play place. Trevor

Grandma and Grandpa came to the airport when I left on my mission. Trevor

I got my very own personal tour of the Conference Center from grandma and grandpa before I left on my mission.Trevor

Grandma took me shopping to buy things for my mission. Trevor

Staying over and grandma and grandpa’s house when my parents were out of town. Trevor

We got to stay and grandpa’s house and keep him company when grandma went to Texas. We made a snowman that time. Trevor

Every Memorial day we go to the cemeteries with grandma and grandpa then afterwards we eat breakfast at Denny’s. Trevor

Eating lots of ice cream at grandma and grandpa’s house. Trevor

Playing in the ditch when their was water in it. Trevor

Helping on the farm alot. Helping grandma sort and make boxes and learning lots about farming and the good ole days from grandpa. Trevor

Eating the best breakfast on Christmas morning that grandpa and grandma make. I love the eggs,toast and everything else. Trevor

Grandma always sewing things and making things I asked her to make. Trevor

Funny moments at grandma and grandpas’s like when we all tried to explain which way the fan goes. Trevor

Going to see the Jazz play the Grizzlies with grandpa. We gave grandpa tickets for Christmas.Trevor

Grandma had place mats that had the state capitals and she taught them all to me.Trevor

Grandpa,Ryan,Doug,and I all went fishing at Strawberry. We caught lots of fish and it was the only good fishing trip grandpa ever had. Trevor

I remember Grandma letting me take food on a tray downstairs to eat in front of the t.v. Kelsey

I remember being sick at school and I couldn’t get my Mom so Grandma came and picked me up. Kelsey

I remember playing Husker Du with Grandma Kelsey

I remember Grandpa watching as I drove the four wheeler into the ditch. Kelsey

I remember cleaning Grandma’s basement and she paid me $5.00 and took me to the dollar store to spend it. Kelsey

I remember buying a ceramic dog with the money Grandma paid me with. ( I still have the dog) Kelsey

I remember Grandma always fixing my blanket when it got holes in it. Kelsey

I remember going on a hike up the canyon and picking flowers. Kelsey

I remember Grandpa taking me and a friend on a tractor ride. Kelsey

I love Grandma’s strawberry jam. I remember her making some just for me. Kelsey

I remember Grandma letting me play on the computer. Kelsey

I remember a birthday present they gave me with a lot of fun things with money wrapped around them. Kelsey

I remember Grandma and Grandpa going to Goblin Valley with our family and getting locked
I remember watching tv in their bedroom. Kelsey

I remember eating a lot of dill pickles and Grandma telling me I was going to turn into a pickle. Kelsey

I remember loving the Laffy Taffy. Kelsey

I remember loving the weenie roast at the Summerfest celebration. Kelsey

I remember getting into poison ivy and Grandma telling me to bath in baking soda. Kelsey

I remember I loved the bird ornament on their Christmas tree. Kelsey

I remember loving to play with all of Grandma’s bears. Kelsey

I remember going to the cemetery with them on Memorial Day and being mad McDonald’s wasn’t serving hamburgers yet. Kelsey

I remember ordering pancake balls and ice cream at Denny’s one year we went on Memorial Day. Kelsey

I loved Grandma’s movie “White Wolves” I remember she would let me take it home and borrow it. Kelsey

I remember Grandma buying me my favorite cream filled wafer cookies. Kelsey

I remember when Grandpa used to call me Tigger. (Tyler)

I remember Grandma playing baseball with me and I hit the ball so hard it left a huge welt on her leg. I felt bad! She was a good sport and kept playing with me even after I hit her. (Tyler)

I remember thinking it was funny when Grandpa taught me about the nuts called nigger toes. (Tyler)

I remember Grandpa teasing me about A-10s being called A-12s. (Tyler)

I remember going to the air show in Las Vegas and how excited Grandpa was about seeing the C-5. (Tyler)

I will always remember the two dollar bills that Grandma sends for every holiday and special occasion! (Tyler)

Christmas Eve is one of my favorite memories . . . Eating dinner, breaking the piñata, and the annual basketball shootout are so much fun. I love this time spent with family. (Tyler)

My mom always reminds me how much I loved the Grandfather clock when I was little. Grandpa would hold me up to it and I would get excited when it would bong. (Tyler)

I remember Grandma walking down with us to throw rocks in the canal. She’s probably watched us throw in thousands! (Tyler)

I will always remember Grandma calling our hands “patties”. I would always argue that they are just called hands! (Tyler)

I remember going on walks with Grandma to see the cattails in the “swamp” by our trailer in Montana. (Tyler)

I remember when Grandma and Grandpa would come visit they would play “swingy-swong” with us. They’d let us climb into the blanket that they slept in and then they’d hold us up and swing us back and forth. I loved it when they’d do that! (Tyler)

Grandma always has always had pulp-free orange juice in the fridge for us when we come to stay. I remember hearing about how Grandpa laughed and laughed when I told him I didn’t like “poopy” (pulpy) orange juice when I was little. (Tyler)

I remember sneaking into Grandma and Grandpa’s bed early in the mornings when they’d come visit us when I was little. I’d crawl between them and feel happy and safe. (Tyler)

I love hearing Grandpa’s stories. I especially love the story about the cat and the chicken coop! (Tyler)

I like it how Grandpa always ends up cooking a ton of burgers at the wienie roast, and even though he “complains” he does it year after year because he knows people like them better! (Tyler)

I remember how excited I was when Grandpa taught me to drive the quad. I wasn’t so excited the day I rolled it because I was going too fast. I was scared to tell him, but he didn’t get upset. He just said he was “disappointed” in me. (which was almost worse!) I’ve driven way more carefully since then! (Tyler)

I have great memories of going to watch airplanes take off outside the fence by the flight line in Las Vegas . . . especially at night when we could see the afterburners. (Tyler)
I remember Grandma taking me to Harmons and buying me a giant jawbreaker, Hot Cheetos and a six pack of cream soda to have all to myself when I stayed with them once. (Tyler)

I remember during our visits at Christmas Grandpa would always peek his head around the corner on Christmas morning, look at our presents and say “Looks like Santa dumped his load here!” (Tyler)

I remember visiting the “construction site” across the street with Grandpa. He would let me climb down into the bottom and play in the dirt for awhile. Then we’d go ride the motorcycle around the church. I loved spending that time with him. (Tyler)

Getting up in the morning at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s is fun. The house always smells like toast and when you come upstairs Grandma is always sitting at the snack bar doing her crossword and drinking Diet Coke. Grandpa is usually out working or sitting in the recliner reading the paper. It’s a comforting and familiar pattern that I always look forward to and will always remember. (Tyler)

I remember Grandpa always telling me the story about how when I was little he took me to the store and when I got a sample of sausage I kept asking for “more of that chicken!” (Tyler)

I love Sunday mornings at Grandma’s . . . eating cereal and reading the comics! (Tyler)

I remember the quail family that ran across the backyard one day while we were all out there. Grandpa and Grandma are always so excited about the wildlife that shows up at their house and they seem to especially love it when animals show up when the grandkids are there! It’s been fun all of the times we’ve seen deer.

I remember the times we’d meet in Fillmore for Grandma and Grandpa to take us to their house. (Tyler)

I love how Grandma always asks if you’re going to be warm enough when you sleep there and then she always leaves you with about 20 blankets! She always wants to make sure everyone is ok. (Tyler)

One of my favorite possessions is the baseball Grandpa gave me. I had him autograph it for me and it sits on my dresser and I see it every day. (Tyler)
I appreciate all of Grandma’s and Grandpa’s support over the years. The have come to baby blessings, baptisms, baseball games and track meets. It’s always so great to have them at things. (Tyler)

I remember Grandma speaking at my baptism. (Tyler)

I remember Grandpa always had to hid the keys to the curio cabinet and grandfather clock (or put them up high) whenever I’d come to visit! My mom said he’d always say “Uh-oh. Kai-kers is here. Hide the keys!” (Kailee)

There’s always soda pop in the shed at Grandma’s. Yum. I used to think it was a magic shed that had a never ending supply! (Kailee)

I remember the day we poured cement and got to put our handprints in it. (Kailee)

I love the memories I have of the times we’d go on picnics to Vivian Park and South Fork. (Kailee)

I remember Grandma taking me shopping and buying me my “jungle shirt”. (Kailee)

I remember that Grandma would always says he had to wipe off our “mugs” and wash our “patties”. (Kailee)

I’ll always remember Grandpa’s instructions at dinner: “Take what you want, but eat what you take!” (Kailee)

Grandpa’s cold water is the best water there is! (Kailee)

I love the food at Grandma’s house: Lucky Charms, homemade bread and strawberry jam, homemade chicken noodle soup, Sunday dinner with roast, potatoes & gravy & pudding and of course . . . . ice cream!!! Oh! And yummy dried pears! (Kailee)

I remember getting to ride on the wagon pulled by the tractor. I especially liked going over the bumps. (Kailee)

We remember Grandpa letting us sell cherries. We got to make a sign and hold it in the front yard. We were so excited to earn some money! Grandpa let us keep some of it, but first he taught us about the expense of running a farm. He said after you pay for fertilizer and spray, and spend your time irrigating, pruning and picking the fruit, you really are only making about a nickel! (Tyler and Kailee)

I remember when I was little both Grandma and Grandpa would flap towels at us when we got out of the tub. We’d then run around and giggle while Grandpa would say “I’m gonna pincha-bum!” (Kailee)

I will always remember the funny things Grandpa says: “Oh Lordy-O”, “Mudder”, “If that’s dinner, we’ve had it”, and how he always calls girls “chickens”. (Kailee)

I remember Grandma taking me on trips to the Dollar Store. She would always let me buy a horse, even though my mom said I had too many already! (Kailee)

I remember watching “Banjo the Woodpile Cat” over and over again and Grandma would watch it with me. (Kailee)

I remember thinking it was cool when Grandma showed us that the dryer vent went outside and you could talk through it. (Kailee)

I remember Grandma always fixing the holes in our blankets when we would visit. My blankie is one of my favorite possessions and I will always remember that Grandma made it for me and has fixed it’s holes a hundred times! (Kailee)
I don’t remember this experience personally, but I’ve been told about when I spilled hot pink fingernail polish all over the bedspread downstairs. Grandma kept it anyway and said it was to “remind her of me’. I think about it every time I sleep in that bed. It reminds me that Grandma thinks people are more important than things. (Kailee)

I will always remember climbing trees and having fun in the orchard. Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house feels like home and will always remind me of happy, fun times. (Kailee)

I remember finding the baby hummingbird and naming it “Hummy”. We fed it and taught it to fly. When it got killed we had a funeral for it and Grandpa let us draw on a rock to make a headstone. (Kailee)

I love Grandma’s hugs because they are full of love. They make me feel happy and warm. I know Grandma loves me. (Brayden)

Grandpa is hardworking. I remember helping him choose which pears were good and which pears were bad. (Brayden)

I love driving the tractor with Grandpa. I like sitting on his lap and getting to steer a little bit. (Brayden)

I remember playing the “eat- the-bologna -when- Grandma’s- not -watching” game. I still like my bologna cut into triangles and eating it always reminds me of Grandma. (Brayden)

Jacuzzi baths at Grandma’s house are fun. I like it when Grandpa laughs when the bubbles are up to our chin. I like how Grandpa tries to pinch you when you get out of the tub. (Brayden)

I remember Grandma and Grandpa took us to play at the Carl’s Jr. with the shark mouth. I like that they have enough energy to do that stuff even though they are old. (Brayden)

Grandma is great at sewing. She was so nice to make our ninja masks! (Brayden)

I like it because Grandma buys Lucky Charms and my mom doesn’t buy them much. Grandparents are good for spoiling their grandkids. (Brayden)

I like sitting by Grandma at church because she rubs my back. (Brayden)

I used to sit on Grandma’s lap while she did puzzles on her computer. It was so fun and she said I was good at it, like her. (Brayden)

I love the soda shack outside at Grandma and Grandpa’s! (Brayden)

One of my favorite Christmas presents from Grandma and Grandpa was when I got a whole box of Lucky Charms all to myself. (Brayden)

I like playing Legos at Grandma’s but I think they need some more. (Brayden)
Grandma lets me help her fill the hummingbird feeder. I remember putting lots of sugar in the water. (Brayden)

Grandpa has silly nicknames for people, but sometimes it can backfire. One day when I was about three years old, I was at an upholstery shop with my mom. I got thirsty and wanted a drink. Because no one would pay attention to me, I finally called the guy that worked there by a name Grandpa had used on me. I said, “Hey Pedro. Where’s the sink?” Grandpa thought it was really funny when he heard what I’d said! (Brayden)

I like that Grandma always brings us orange Tic-Tacs whenever she comes to visit. (Cameron)

I love my blankie that Grandma made for me. It is very special. (Cameron)

I like to eat Laffy Taffy at Grandma’s (Cameron)

I remember seeing the deer in the orchard. I saw it jump over the fence. (Cameron)

Everytime Grandpa sees me he pinches my cheeks. He’s funny. (Cameron)

Grandpa likes to be helpful at dinner. He gives me all the food. He tells me to eat all my food. (Cameron)

When I ask for cereal Grandma always gets it for me. She lets me have soda pop whenever I want! (Cameron)

I like to drive on the tractor with Grandpa. (Cameron)

Grandpa and Grandma always give me cards with money in it. It’s making me rich. (Cameron)

I liked playing in the sand box Grandpa made for us. (Cameron)

When I was little Grandma and Grandpa watched The Ten Commandments with us at our house. Grandpa liked to ask me “What happened to the Egyptians?” I would say, “Dey all wet!” (Cameron)

Grandpa always sits in his chair! (Bethany)

I like playing with the little train at Grandma’s. Grandma gets it out of the drawer for me. (Bethany)

I like roast beef at Grandma’s house. (Bethany)

I like when Grandma reads the Pizza Monster book to me. I sit on her lap when she reads it. (Bethany)

I laugh when Grandpa tries to tickle me. (Bethany)

Grandpa calls me “Bet” and wiggles my cheeks. (Bethany)

I like to eat candy at Grandma’s. (Bethany)